Ultimate Angler


Wii, PlayStation 3





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In Ultimate Angler, you, a professional fisherman, must try to catch all different types of fish in different fishing areas. Even set personal records about the size of your catch. See controls to learn how to play. Including the secret fish, 61 species can be found.

Fishing AreasEdit

Costal SeaEdit

The Costal Sea is an ocean level with 14 different types of fish. By catching at least 8 different species here you unlock Lake Wonder. After completing the game, the Hammerhead Shark can be found here.

Lake WonderEdit

Lake Wonder is the first lake area. It contains 20 types of fish and to complete it you must catch at least 12 types. After completing the game, the Mermaid can be found here.

Dawn LagoonEdit

Out of the 20 types here, you only need to find 14 species. After completing the game, the Sea Turtle can be found here.

Ocean TrenchEdit

The Ocean Trench area contains 18 species. By catching 16 of them you will unlock Sparkling Spring. After completing the game, the Oarfish can be found here.

Sparkling SpringEdit

The Sparkling Spring is a forest stream with only 15 species. All of them must be found to complete the game, and after doing so, the Golden Rainbow Trout can be found here.

Pirate Ship WreckEdit

If you find 51 fish species, this level can be unlocked. This level contains no secret fish, just 10 new types of ocean fish.