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UFO: Assault






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  • November 1978 - Aliens make a first landing on planet, halfway between Baker's Crossing and Corner Windmill in Texas. While undetected by humans at the time, they take geological and biological samples within the area. Markings left by a landed UFO were later discovered, but were considered manmade.
  • Janurary 1979 - Residents of Puetro Campichuelo, Argentina and San Javier de Ofir, Uruguay reported unusual activity across the river. At the time, relations between the two countries soured due to the suspicious activity, but never broke out into hostilities
  • June 1979 - First contact is made in Tres Arroyos, Argentina. The contacted residents there were initially nervous that it would attract too much attention of the current military government, and were also superstitous about the new visitors.
  • August 1979 - Eventually gaining the trust of Tres Arroyos, the aliens construct their first outpost near the location.
  • October 1979 - Reports of non-friendly contacts with aliens increased drastically.
  • November 1979 - Military response to the aliens was deemed necessary by the two major superpowers: United States and the Soviet Union. Given the time required to mobilize heavy equipment, it was determined that the best means of defense would be in small attack teams.


See UFO: Assault/Controls

Gameplay controls focus on manipulating one individual, rather than planning an attack with multiple soldiers. While you can order other soldiers to perform actions, their movement and attacks are entirely up to them.

Items Edit

  • Pistol: A small sidearm.
  • Assault Rifle: A standard rifle.
  • SMG: A one-handed machinegun; less powerful than the rifle.
  • Machine Gun: Heavy and inaccurate, but more powerful than the rifle.
  • Ununoctium-294: An isotope used by the aliens for interstellar space flight.


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