The Wyrm


Xbox 360, PC





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In The Wyrm, players are cast in the role of The Last Dragon. Centuries ago, his entire race was wiped out by the destructive and paranoid human race. Awakening in the modern era, he has only one mission: To avenge his fallen kin.


The Last Dragon

The Last Dragon is the only surviving member of the ancient Dragon race. Long ago, when mankind was young, Dragons lived alongside them in peace and harmony, but when humans embraced the path of civilization, the dragons saw the evils humanity transformed into, for with the progress of civilization came the evils associated with it: Greed, Arrogance and Power-Lust. The dragons attempted to persuade mankind to abandon their wicked ways, but having been so consumed by their selfish desires, mankind turned against the dragons, beginning a war that would result in the extinction of Dragonkind. Now, The Last Dragon has awakened in the modern world, eager to hand the same caliber of destruction done unto his race unto mankind.

Gabriel Claudius

Gabriel is the leader of the Order of Saint George, a secret society devoted towards the extermination of dragons, and the primary antagonist of the game.


  • Revival

The Last Dragon awakens in a cave under a cliff somewhere in the Grand Canyon, he begins his war against mankind by raiding a local military outpost.

  • Pandemonium

The Last Dragon continues his assault against the humans, targeting several of their major cities and reducing them to cinder.