The Rookie


PS3, Wii, Xbox 360,Psp, Nintendo DS, and Windows Vista.







A man named Frank Simmons is a new cop. He just joined the force. The police officers Dutch and Phil give the rookie a hard time. They are too lazy to do their job so they sent Frank to arrest a terrorist group. Frank never liked Terrorist. They blew up an apartment building with hi mom and dad in it. He would kll every last one of them. On the first level you drive to the house with terrorist at a distance of 100 yards so they dont notice you. Then you have to travel and crough around the back door. You have to avoid twigs or pebbles and even a vicious dog. If they here one peep they come outside and kill you. That is how tense the game is. So once you get to the back door and stab the dog with a knife you must get in kill the downstairs terrorists. Once you do that you must chase a group of terrorists who escaped the house. to do this you must take different roads to get ahead of the terrorists because they are driving at 200 miles per hour. Once you get a good spot you must shoot the tires and arrest the bastards.

Once the level is done you will come back to the police station. Dutch and Phil are suprised how the rookie did it alone. He then is assinged by his sherrif to stop the Mafia from escaping the hotel they are in and kill the mofia leader. After the mission, Phil and Dutch are captured by the mofia so it is up to Frank to save them. Though he has doubts as they admitted to him that they tricked him so Frank might have died. Why should Frank, a man who didn't do anything wront to Phil or Dutch save their asses while they almost killed his because they were lazy. Franks path get twisted through the whole game.


This is a Sandbox Third person shooter game so you can expect knives, guns, swords. melee, and deadly brutal combos.


1. Mission 1: Trick the Rookie

2. Mission 2: Mama Mofia

3. Mission 3: Your Friends or Foes?

4. Mission 4: Rescue

5. Mission 5: The Killtacular Last Mission