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This page shows all the characters from THE DOG Island and what breed they become in THE CAT Island. All images are from THE DOG Island, as the characters will have the same accessories.

Image Character Breed
CatIsland Enzo dog Enzo Maine Coon
CatIsland Viviana dog Viviana Singaporean
CatIsland Amedio dog Amedio Angora
CatIsland Donatello dog Donatello Birman
CatIsland El Dorado dog El Dorado American Shorthair
Sergio Persian
Raymond Devon Rex
CatIsland Dr. Hill dog Dr. Hill American Burmese
DogIsland Bernard dog Bernard Siamese
Philipo Ocicat
DogIsland nameless german shepherd dog Nameless German Shepherd



American Curl

120px-DogIsland amalia
                                               Egyptian Mau
                                                    Obaba                                                          Chantilly-Tiffany
                                                  Dr. Potan                                                              Toyger
                                                      Alex                                                           Turkish Angora
                                                    Noble                                                                  Cymric
                                                   Francis                                                                 Manx

Anc Petasi

Norwegian Forest Cat Boris