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THE CAT Island
THE CAT Island cover


Wii, PlayStation 2


3+, E



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This game is thought up as a cat version of THE DOG Island, an already created game.


THE CAT Island is a game for the Wii and PS2. The storyline and main graphics will be exactly the same as THE DOG Island, however instead of dogs there are cats.

You live with your mother, Mar, and sibling. You are able to choose what breed you (and your family) are and whether you have a brother or sister. Your sibling has been ill for a long time, and after they collapse at the Puroro Town festival, the doctor says that the only cat with a hope at curing them is Dr. Potan, a doctor who lives on THE CAT Island.

A pirate named El Dorado volunteers to take you there, however on the journey there is a storm. El Dorado decided that he has to cancel the trip, as it's too dangerous. But you jump over the side of the ship and start swimming. As you pass out under a wave, a bluebird named Mr. Birdy goes off to get help.

You wake up in Amalia's house. She is a kind cat, and tells you that you are on THE CAT Island! She takes you to see Dr. Potan, who's clinic is in the centre of the village, Kittensville.


The dog island screenshot

A screenshot from THE DOG Island; THE CAT Island is the same, but has a different species.

In the game there are some differences to THE DOG Island. For example, you recieve Meows for completing missions rather than Woofs. For a full list see THE CAT Island/Differences.

The characters in the game are identicle as well- even having the same clothing and names- but they are cats. For a list of what breeds there are, see THE CAT Island/Breeds. To find out what breeds the characters are, see THE CAT Island/Characters.