The events in Super Smash Bros. Smackdown are similar to those in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Single Player EventsEdit

Event No1: Home-Run Ness!

  • Description: The best way to play baseball is when the opponents are the baseballs!
  • Stage: Onett
  • Character: Ness
  • Opponents: Samus, Yoshi
  • To beat this event, you must send Samus and Yoshi flying with a Home-Run Bat.

Event No2: Secure The ARK

  • Description: The ARK is under attack by Dr. Eggman and Doom's Eye!

Defeat Eggman and stop the attack.

  • Stage: Space Colony ARK
  • Character: Shadow
  • Opponents: Dr. Eggman
  • Eggman and Doom's Eye are your enemies, although because Doom's Eye is

just a reappearing Assist Trophy, you can't hurt him. Just avoid Doom's Eye and attack Dr. Eggman.

Event No3: Starfy, Prince of Pufftop

  • Description: Defend Pufftop Kingdom from attackers.
  • Stage: Pufftop Kingdom
  • Character: Starfy
  • Opponents: Pit, Kirby, King Dedede
  • Defeat all three in under 3 minutes or you lose. Because they all can fly for a limited amount

of time knocking them off the ledge will rarely work.

Event No4: The New Hammer Brothers

  • Description: So these three impersonators think they are Hammer bros. huh? Carrying big hammers doesn't make them one.
  • Stage: Mario Bros.
  • Character: Mario
  • Opponents: Ice Climbers, King Dedede
  • Just a regular battle.

Event No5: Delta Species Battle

  • Description: Fight off these three Delta Species Pokemon!
  • Stage: Pokemon Stadium
  • Character: Pokemon Trainer
  • Opponents: Ivysaur, Pikachu, Jigglypuff
  • Ivysaur has the curry effect, Pikachu is metal, and Jigglypuff is invisible.

Event No6: There Goes The Neighborhood

  • Description: Bring the house down in 40 seconds!
  • Stage: Luigi's Mansion
  • Character: Mario
  • Opponents: Luigi
  • Break the house's supports within 40 seconds.

Event No7: Metal Mario's Return

  • Description: Metal Mario returns, now with a partner, Metal Luigi!
  • Stage: Metal Cave
  • Character: Any
  • Opponents: Mario, Luigi
  • Knock Metal Mario and Luigi off the stage in 1:00. By completing this event you unlock

the Metal Cave stage and music.

Event No8: Size Matters

  • Description: Oh great, looks like Mario and Luigi ate too many mushrooms!
  • Stage: New Super Mario Bros.
  • Character: Bowser
  • Opponents: Mario, Luigi
  • Mario and Luigi are huge and will be hard to defeat.

Co-op EventsEdit

Event No1: Classic Mario Brothers

  • Description: Work together to get rid of these bad guys, just like you did in the good ol' days!
  • Stage: Mario Bros.
  • Characters: Mario, Luigi
  • Opponents: Bowser x20
  • In this battle you have to fight 20 Bowsers in two minutes, they are weak, so

in just a few hits, a Bowser will be K.O.ed.

Event No2: Classic Donkey Kong

  • Description: Collect 2000 points just like in the original Donkey Kong game, but look out for enemies.
  • Stage: 75m
  • Characters: Choose, Choose
  • Opponents: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong
  • In this event, you must avoid the super-strong DK team and collect items to raise your score to 2000. You can see the score at the top-left corner of the stage.

Event No3: Train Ride

  • Description: Survive a journey all the way to the beach!
  • Stage: Spirit Train
  • Characters: Toon Link, Lucas
  • Opponents: NiGHTS (infinite)
  • The NiGHTS are completely black, so it may be hard to tell who you are fighting at first.