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Starfy's Sky







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Starfy's Sky is similar to the Super Mario Galaxy series, however, the only galaxy is the one that you are in and you explore different star systems. You can use a number of power-up suits in this game.

Power-up suitsEdit

  • Molestar: Can be used to dig through soft dirt and pop out of the other side of an area. Also a weapon. It is based on the Moledrill species in the game.
  • Quackstar: Can be used to fly for short periods and float on the surface of water. It is based on the Dukwak species in the game.


Warp Star 1Edit

  • Tutorial system

1.Bunton's tutorial

  • Mazehedge system

1. Exploring the maze 2. The green planet 3. Gusty garden

  • Diground system

1. Through the planet 2. Big, bad, General Drill (boss) 3. Hatching the egg

  • Aqualoop system

1. Clamskiing

  • Mega Snark's Sea system

1. Mega Snark Smash (main boss)

  • Sugersweet system (unlockable)

1. Candyland

Warp Star 2Edit

  • Blistersand system

1. Through the burning sands 2. Climbing the pyramid 3. The evil King Cacti (boss)

  • Megastar system

1. Landing on Megastar 2. The Mega-starfish of Megastar (boss)

  • Lillypond system

1. Learning to fly 2. Whirlpool Planet

  • High-fly system

1. Around the planet in 80 seconds

  • Lions Den System

1. The roar of the Lion fish (main boss)

  • Space junk system (unlockable)

1. The lost treasure

Warp Star 3Edit

  • Lasertrap System

1. Climbing sinking-sensor mountain 2. Starship Destruction 3. Death-trap planets

  • Flip Swap System

1. Square-swapping starfish 2. Flip and fly 3. Crab Crash (boss)

  • Deep Dark System

1. Stary Sea 2. Dive into Darkness