This is a list of Levels in the DS game, Space Star.

1- The City Edit

First the player must fend off a few saucers. They must then go through a rather straightforward stage, battling more alien saucers.

BOSS: Mysterious UFO Edit

The first boss is a UFO with a large claw. It will trry to shoot you with lasers from the claw. Shoot inside the claw to damage it.

2- Downtown Edit

The player must chase the damaged saucer through town, fending off the saucers it summons.

BOSS: ????? Edit

This boss will shoot laser balls at the player. It will occasionally shoot fireballs at the player. After it reaches half health, it will start shooting 3-way lasers.

3-Darkal Greenhouse Edit

The player must go through this level, fighting several strange enemies.

BOSS: Darkal Plantguard Edit

Alignment: Earth

The giant flytrap will begin by spitting gas at the player. Shoot inside it's mouth to damage it. Upon losing1/3 of it's health, it will change tactics to throwing Florarangs at the player. Upon losing another 1/3 of it's health, it will change tactics to spitting out spores which will form into three Mini Sporaloids.

4-Darkal Army Edit

The player must push through an Army of Darkal Soldiers.

BOSS: Ritendman Edit

Ritendman shoots three-way lasers from his eye. He may also try to ram the player. After reaching 1/4 health left, he will begin to charge energy. the player must shoot him enough to stop him, or else he will launch an unavoidable laser wall.

5- Crazed Sky Edit

The player must chase the Darkal Mothership, avoiding it's lasers and the enemies it summons.

BOSS: Decoy bot Edit

The decoy bot tries to shoot the player with fast lasers. It may also attempt a spinning attack.

6- Darkal Mothership Edit

The player must go through the ship, fighting various Darkal enemies.

BOSS: Darkal Warrior Edit

The warrior fights like a more powerful Darkal Spearman.

7- The Trials Three Edit

At the start of the level, the player must rescue Chaof, going through fire. Next is Chaow, in water, and finally Chaoth through thunder.

BOSS: Chaof, Chaow, and Chaoth Edit

Allignment: Fire, Water, and Thunder, respectively.

The three start out firing energy balls of their alignment across the screen. One will occasionally use a special attack. Chaof launches a giant fireball, Chaoth a thunderbolt, and Chaow a large bubble. When one is defeated, the other two will start firing two energy balls at a time. When another is defeated, the remaining one will shoot three at a time and use his/her special ability more often.

8- Control Room Edit

You must fend off the waves of enemies Ritendman sends at you.

BOSS: Darkal Ace Edit

Allignment: Dark

The ace wields two swords similarly to a Darkal Swordsman. It fires fast energy balls and may rush in for a sword attack.

9- Insane Space Edit

The player must go through space, defeating various enemies.

BOSS: Darkal Mothership Edit

The mothership fires a flurry of lasers at the player. It may Teleport behind the player and rush in for an attack.

10- Darkania Edit

The player must travel across the mysterious planet Darkania, Dueling with aliens.

BOSS: Porton Edit

Porton will teleport about, firing lasers. the player must wait for a pause before it uses a charge shot to attack it.

11- Halls of Revenge Edit

The player must go through the halls, battling some very strange and rare enemies.

BOSS: Chaof, Chaow, and Chaoth Edit

They have not changed much since the first fight.

BOSS: Ritendman Edit

This time Ritendman has armour to aid him. Most attacks remain the same, but larger with addded power. He can also fire thunder orbs.

12- Lake of the Chaon Edit

The player must go through the watery stage, fighting chaon which span across the different elemental allignments.

BOSS: Chaom Edit

Allignment: Light

Chaom shoots three-way light balls and sometimes uses a ray of light.

13- Karun Couryards Edit

The player must sneak through the courtyards, fighting enemies.

BOSS: Karun Official Edit

The Official can use any of the tactics of Darkal swordsmen, spearmen, or clawmen.

14- Karun City Edit

The player must head through the mysterious city.

BOSS: Kuri Edit

Allignment: Ice

The idiotic robot guard fires ice lasers at the player and can't do much else.

BOSS: Densetsu Edit

Allignment: Fire

Densetsu uses fire lasers and a vast range of laser sword attacks.

15- Karun Castle Edit

The player will fight enemies from all the past levels.

BOSS: Darkal Perfenn Edit

The Perfenn attacks with a number of different attacks, similar to those used by enemies.

BOSS: King Muchaz Edit

The King attacks with one of three different lasers, all three-way.

BOSS: Wheel of Misfortune Edit

The strange being will spin a wheel to determine it's allignment and thus, it's attacks. When it reaches 1/2 health, it will start using attacks reminiscent of past bosses.