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PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii


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A teenager named Emily lives on a farm, and one day all the purebred horses are stolen. She goes with her horse, Lémon, who is cross-bred and so was not stolen, all the way from Dorset (Southest England) to Lancashire (Northern England) to where she heard there were horse theives. As a travel buddy, she also brings her Westie, Laika (so named after the first dog in space).

As the three head off on their journey, they meet lots of people who they may help on the way. Emily helps out some people to get money so she can get food for them, and Laika has the ability to beg for food from people. They pass through all the counties that you would pass if going on their journey, however in some places it is night time, so they must walk slowly so as not to wake the locals up.

Each character has their own special abilities, and these can be used for many things, including getting around quickly (namely Lémon being able to carry the others), smelling the way (Laika's sniffing ability) or just plain talking (Emily). You can swap characters at just about any time.


See Ride Across the Country/Controls


Ride across the country lemon

An image of what Lémon would probably look like.

The levels are broken up into counties of England. However, it is not to scale so they won't take as long as it would in real life.

  1. Dorset
  2. Wiltshire
  3. Gloucestershire
  4. Worcester
  5. West Midlands
  6. Staffordshire
  7. Cheshire
  8. Greater Manchester
  9. Lancashire