Return of Hell 2


Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC





Pikapi (talk · contribs)

Return of Hell 2 is the sequel of the game Return of Hell, The main character, Jason Flamar and his friend Butler Price are both playable in this game. It has a new story, new weapons, better graphics, and a new multiplayer and online play mode where you must kill the other players first.


50 Caliber Pistol- Long range, extra large damage, multiple bullets

Submachine Gun- Short range, decent damage, multiple bullets

Assault Rifle- Long range, some damage, single bullets

Sniper- Long range, decent damage multiple bullets

Grenade Launcher- Long range, huge damage single grenades

Grenades- Long range, extra large damage single grenades

Bazooka- Long range, extra huge damage, single blasts

Knife- Short range, decent damage

Baseball Bat- Short range, some damage

Samurai Sword- Short range, extra large damage

Revolver- Long range, decent damage single bullets

Blaster- Long range, extra huge damage multiple lasers


  • Win 20 street races
  • Steal 50 cars
  • Kill 100 people
  • Destroy 50 SWAT cars
  • Make 1500 shots