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Referee is a football video game created by EA Sports. The game revolves around the player being a referee of football games. It uses the same graphics engine as the FIFA series of football games, also made by EA.

The game's basic game-play is a career mode, in which the player starts out as a young referee, who is just learning. Having guided his player through various tests of their refereeing skills, the are admitted to the English Football League, in the lowest division. The player will then spend a season, refereeing a game each week, in each league; if they do well, they may go up into the next league. The ultimate goal is to referee the World Cup Final, and do it well; if the player does this, they have "won" the game. The game has four levels: Amateur, Semi Pro, Professional, and World Class.

In each individual game, the player is expected to control the referee of the game. Unlike the FIFA graphics, the player sees everything from first person view of the referee. The player both has to keep up with play by moving the referee with the arrow keys, and stop the game for fouls and so on. The player only has a limited time to make a decision, as in real life – while in game, their is no "pause" button. After each match, the league's head referee will give a detaile report to the player, telling him where he went wrong, and what rating he got. The game runs on FIFA's graphics engine.

The game is intentionally fast-paced for the player, to give people more of a sense of how difficult refereeing a game of football is for a real referee. The Premier League's head referee said that the game was "the best thing that could have possibly happened for referees".


The controls, on a keyboard, are:

  • Arrow keys to move.
  • "Y" to blow for a yellow card.
  • "R" for a red card.
  • "F" for a normal foul.
  • "P" for a penalty.


  • Personal Computer
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  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation Portable
  • Nintendo DS
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