The game is basically a mix of MMO, Flying, RPG, Shooter, Social, and Future Middle Age mix. I know sounds tight!

Plot Edit

David Russelson wakes up with only 5 things. A note, star fighter, a pair of wings on his body, a high powered anti-matter cannon, and a superpowerful electric trident. David has no clue who he is only his name and a odd feeling of knowledge. The note states and reads Dear David, You have a gun, wings, a star fighter, and a trident you can only use the gun on land, the dangerous wings in air, the trident in liquids, and the star fighter for space fight and fast transportation anywhere. Unite these and fulfill your destiny.....Hate ya, Me So David has to transverse the planets choosing his path of life to eventually unite the 4 weapons of power. David meets a enemy on the way a odd man short and skinny pale and white. He claims to know all of your past yet when you run in fear from him he sprouts not angelic but demon like wings, hair on fire leaping towards you. How will 'you' chose!