Prisoner of Revenge


Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2




Ominiq (talk · contribs)

Prisoner of Revenge is a game for over 12s. Its for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 And Wii. Your actions will determine the next level.

Plot Edit

It starts with Matthew Kailen in a cell, his legs against his chest. A prison warden gives him his breakfast. Matthew attacks him, and grabs the keys out of his pocket. He unlocks himself, and emerges out of the cell, and runs out of the prison. That's where you take charge...

Levels Edit

In total, there are 55 levels. But in story mode, you will play 10.

Enemys Edit

Your primary enemies are the government, but as you progress, you may gain more enemies. They include:

  1. Police Force of NY
  2. People's Liberation Of Dictator's rule (PLOD)
  3. Other Governments Across the world

And many more! Each faction has a different uniform, Police Force is the traditional navy blue, PLOD is desert style army uniform, and Government agents are black and very dark blue.

Allies Edit

There are some people you can rely on, Like Joe Plackston, a former underground gang leader. He is your best friend. Also, you have the muscle that is Gordon Tallen, A hunky, gun wealding go-getter.

Deaths Edit

Sadly, Joe Plackston Dies after a Government agent shoots him in the chest with a BAR. He is on the ground and you have to defend him until another one of your friends bring a medic kit. When Harry Jackson arrives with a kit, he is expieriencing heavy bleeding. While you are all on the ground tending to Joe, A government agent approuches the hid-out, and shoots him in the head again. You have to shot him, before he injuries any one else. Harry brings a heart moniter and checks his heart rate, its very low. You are given the job of carrying Joe to a safe place. Once you are a couple feet away from the ruins, a Helicopter shoots you and Joe. Once you regain Conciousness, Joe's body is next to you. Harry tells you he was dead before the bullet hit him.