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Peace Collective


Xbox 360





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This game has story and multiplayer modes.


The Galactic Squad, an army who's job is to keep space a peaceful place, is having a war with a hostile, sentient, reptilian-species native to the planet Aries 178. You and your alien partner L08 are among the top in the squad, you two and the rest of the team fight of the aliens until the conclusion of level 3, when you and the rest of the squad are called to leave by chopper. L08 doesn't make it in time, and the team are forced to abandon him. The galactic squad is shut down and forms into a new organization called the Peace Collective and you become an ordinary member of this squad. In a later level, you discover that L08 has become evil, and built an army of anarchist that want to destroy the Peace Collective.


Aries 178 (jungle planet)Edit

  • Level 1: Assault team
  • Level 2: Recover the captain
  • Level 3: Dangerous escape
  • Level 4: Abandon base
  • Level 5: Battle in the sky

Aries 178 atmosphere (space)Edit

  • Level 6: Leaving Aries
  • Level 7: The vacuum of space
  • Level 8: Last battle

List of SuitsEdit

Peace Collective Soldier

Peace Collective Suit: Unlocked from start.

Peace Collective Forest Soldier

Peace Collective Forest Suit: Complete level 1.

Peace Collective Space

Peace Collective Space Suit: Complete level 6.

Peace Collective Lava Soldier

Peace Collective Lava Suit: Complete level 10.

Peace Collective Snow Soldier

Peace Collective Snow Suit: Complete level 8.

Peace Collective Soldier 1.1

Peace Collective Suit v1.1: Complete story.


Anarchist Suit: Kill 500 Anarchist in story.


L08's Suit: Defeat L08 30 times in story.

Galactic Squad Armor

Galactic Squad Suit: Complete levels 1-3 twice each.

Peace Collective Golden Soldier

Peace Collective Golden Suit: Pre-order.

Space Suit Soldier

Space Suit: Purchase on Xbox Live.


Samurai Suit: Purchase on Xbox Live.

Peace Collective General

Peace Collective General Suit: Purchase on Xbox Live.