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Wii, Nintendo DS





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One day, Mario was having a stroll through the Mushroom Forest with his brother Luigi. However, they noticed Bowser and Kamek talking in a shady part of the forest. Mario overheard them talking about how they were going to control the Mushroom Kingdom! Bowser suddenly noticed Mario and Luigi and zapped them with a strange weapon. Suddenly, Mario and Luigi noticed that they couldn't lift their feet off the ground! Bowser flew off in his clown car, ready to wreck havoc upon the peaceful kingdom.

However a strange man called Pory noticed them stuck to the ground, he instantly recognized them as Mario and Luigi. Pory was a black market salesman and happened to have a few glowing capes with him. These capes would allow Mario and Luigi to fly! And so Mario and Luigi set off on their grand adventure to save the Mushroom Kingdom!


  • Mario (Playable)
  • Luigi (Playable)
  • Peach (Playable, Beat World 2)
  • Daisy (Playable, Beat World 4)
  • Bowser (Playable, Beat The Game)
  • Pory (Playable, Beat The Game as all characters)
  • Yoshi (Unplayable)
  • Birdo (Unplayable)
  • Bowser Jr. (Unplayable)
  • Toad (Unplayable)

Gameplay Edit

Mario and Luigi must fly through various levels avoiding obstacles and defeating enemies. On the DS, characters can be moved with buttons or the touchscreen. On the Wii, characters can be moved using the nunchuck or by using the wiimote's motion control. As Mario and Luigi fly they can pick up various items to help them on their journey. After every 4 levels, Mario and Luigi will fight a boss. Bosses have their own way of being beaten so you must think of how to beat them. Each world has it's own gimmicks to try and throw you off, you must adjust to these new obstacles if you wish to succeed.

After beating the game, a new mode called Bowser Mode will be unlocked, there is only 3 worlds in this mode but Bowser is much bigger than any other character thus making the levels far more difficult. After you beat Bowser Mode, you will unlock a bonus minigame called Bullet Bill where you control a Bullet Bill and must avoid obstacles.


Coin - Use to buy items and upgrades

Mushroom - Heals 2hp

Super Shroom - Heals all hp

Life Shroom - Will revive you with half health if you die

Ultra Shroom - Will revive you with full health if you die

Fire Flower - Gives you fire power, letting you throw fireballs forward

Ice Flower - Gives you ice power, letting you freeze enemies with icy breath

Mega Mushroom - Makes you grow huge, letting you destroy anything you touch

Starman - Makes you invinicible and makes you move blindingly fast

Bowser Bomb - Kills all enemies on screen

The Shop Edit

Mushroom - 20 coins

Super Shroom - 50 coins

Life Shroom - 85 coins

Ultra Shroom - 200 coins

Fire Flower - 70 coins

Ice Flower - 150 coins

Mega Mushroom - 350 coins

Starman - 800 coins

Bowser Bomb - 300 coins

Upgrade Health - 200 coins

Upgrade Speed - 160 coins

Upgrade Handling - 200 coins

Upgrade Item Frequency - 300 coins

Coin x2 - 2000 coins

Levels Edit

WORLD 1 : Mushroom Forest

Stage 1 : Learning The Ropes

Stage 2 : The Real Deal

Stage 3 : Enemies Ain't Fun

Stage 4 : Taste The Flames Of The Fire Flower

Stage 5 : BOSS : Kamek

WORLD 2 : Mushroom Kingdom

Stage 1 : The Entrance

Stage 2 : Pipelines

Stage 3 : The Sewers

Stage 4 : Throne Room

Stage 5 : BOSS : Hypno Chandalier

WORLD 3 : Ice Mountain

Stage 1 : Ice Ice Baby

Stage 2 : Freezing Lake

Stage 3 : Freezing Core Of The Mountain

Stage 4 : Little Penguin Jive

Stage 5 : BOSS : Chief Chilly

WORLD 4 : Fire Castle

Stage 1 : It's Burning Hot

Stage 2 : Too Much Heat

Stage 3 : Way Too Much Heat

Stage 4 : Flame And Ice

Stage 5 : BOSS : Fire Golem & Big Bully

WORLD 5 : Pirahna Plant Land

Stage 1 : Chomp Chomp

Stage 2 : Petey Pirahna Strikes

Stage 3 : Pipe Maze

Stage 4 : Petey Pirahna Strikes Again

Stage 5 : BOSS : Petey Pirahna & Nipper Plant

WORLD 6 : Bullet Bill Park

Stage 1 : Bullet Bill Shootout

Stage 2 : Banzai Bills

Stage 3 : Screw Mansion

Stage 4 : Deep Dark Caves

Stage 5 : BOSS : Bullet Bill Launchers

WORLD 7 : Dark Land

Stage 1 : Enter To Dark Land

Stage 2 : BOSS : Undead Kamek

Stage 3 : Through The Fire And The Flames

Stage 4 : Shred Mansion

Stage 5 : BOSS : Bowser