Lost in a Dog's World
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PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3





Melon247 (talk · contribs)


A dog (Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen) called Max lives on a farm near a busy village, but one day he is attracted into a van by some meat. The van takes him a long way from home and he ends up in the middle of the country, far from anywhere.


Large areas as levels, containing firstly moorland with a few roads and cars going past. Large fields and horses/ponies and maybe cows. Some trees but not many.

As the game progresses there are villages and cities to overcome, with potential hazards such as cars and dog catchers. Also lots of food, so some rats can be caught.

The game ends in the village near Max's farm. It is a maze of roads and the player may spend a fair bit of time navigating the area.


20 levels.

  1. Far Fields- The first level, in which Max is at a farm far away from his own one.
  2. More Moors- Lots of space to run in and lots of ponies to bark at.
  3. Dainsville- The first village in the game. A small village with plenty of cats in it.
  4. Being Sheepish- Fields full of sheep.
  5. Furniature Factory- A factory where they make sofas and beds. Max must navigate through without being caught.
  6. Beside the Highway- A level where Max must go along the side of the Motorway (Interstate) while avoiding humans or cars.
  7. Hungry for Rats- Max is hungry but must try and get rid of the rats if he wants some food from the dustbins.
  8. City Life- A big city which Max must find his way through.
  9. Industrial Dustpaths- An industrial part of the city. Must get into parks quickly or Max will suffocate from the fumes.