Lightning Strike 2


Xbox 360





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Lightning Strike 2 is the sequel of Lightning Strike, a videogame where you, an electro-magnetic superhero, V9, must save the city from destruction and terror. Like Lightning Strike there is no main enemy, just a bunch of thieves, murderers, and psychos. The controls are basically the same as Lightning Strike. There are no levels, just run around the city saving people.


Over the internet, you and your friends, or up to 10 random players can hunt for each other in different areas such as:

Dark AllyEdit

A dark ally with plenty of fire escapes, vines to climb, and trash to throw.

Hotel PlazaEdit

The lobby of a city hotel. Many chairs and tables for smashing and a broken elevator which will go on fire if you step inside.

City StreetEdit

A busy street full of scared people watching the battle taking place. Beware of metal cars that might be fly towards your magnetic pull.