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Lightning Strike, Lightning Strike 2


Draining electrical power-sources, using electricity, magnetism



V9 is a mysterious electric, magnetic, clone that woke up in an abandoned science lab in an unknown modern city. He is the star of Lightning Strike. He looks like a regular, bald, male, human but he can engulf electricity from machines and use it as a weapon. The closer to the electric device, the faster it is gathered.

In the games, his electricity is shown in a gauge on the top screen. When full, he seems to be emanating electricity as a sign of full power. With a full gauge, he can summon a lightning bolt with kills all enemies in the area, but lowers his gauge to zero. All electrical attacks use a little of his electricity, but when empty, he must fight with his fists as a last-resort. He also can move across ledges, swing, climb, and roll which he does a lot throughout the game.