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Larry's Wild Adventure


GameCube, PS2





Lord Zmeya (talk · contribs)

Larry's Wild Adventure is a two-dimensional platformer, where a leopard named Larry jumps, kicks, punches, and burps his way through it. Larry fight against the evil taekwondo penguins, and their leader, Kim Pen Guin. The game has 64 different levels + 8 bonus levels and lots and lots of minigames! The game has an intro level for understanding the basics of moving around, attacking and jumping.


It all started in Kim Pen Guin's secret genetic laboratory, which does secret weapons for the military. Suddenly a big explosion rattles the ground, as the explosion comes from the lab. Kim Pen Guin has created a machine, which generates penguin maniacs, who use taekwondo as a weapon. After all the pressure, the machine blows up, and outside of the smokescreen comes a furry spotty cat. Larry! Kim Pen Guin runs away with a helicopter and Larry realizes that this factory created him and it was for genetic experiments for Korean military. Larry must find Kim Pen Guin and destroy him before the world does. Will he make it?


Action PlayStation 2 Nintendo GameCube
Move left D-pad Control stick
Move right D-pad Control stick
Jump X-button A-button
Crouch D-pad R
Burp Triangle button L
Attack Square button B-Button
Block Circle button Y-button


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Health and PowerupsEdit


  1. Stage Number One
  2. Stage Number Two
  3. Stage Number Three
  4. Stage Number Four
  5. Stage Number Five
  6. Stage Number Six
  7. Stage Number Seven
  8. Stage Number Eight
  9. Bonus Stage