Great god of power is an action/adventure game based around the concept of "toying" with unimaginable power.

Plot Edit

The main character Richard is a fifteen-year old boy who get's blessed by God, He becomes the new Messiah and the power that comes with it. Richard now has power compareable to god himself's. Richard uses this newfound power to cause destruction and pain to the solar system.

Since Richard is a god he can do nearly anything he wants to do. He can cause the sun to expand into a super nova if he wants to. He can make animals go berserk and kill everyone. The game ends with Richard being sent to hell for misuse of his power. But before that happens he decides to blow up the earth uttering: "If I die, Earth will go with me."

Gameplay Edit

The game uses a Spore-like editor for creating stuff and a Force unleashed engine for destruction. if you want to just kill everyone by looking at them is fine, but the real experience is gained from using your creativity to cause mayhem with a Chimera or a T-rex. That experience is what this game tries to give you, 100% full control over the world. Like a god. At the end of the game your also allowed to time travel to the middle-age. There's five (uncompleteable) levels to cause mayhem to.

  1. Big cities like New York or London.
  2. Small villages.
  3. Farms.
  4. In the middle of a war.
  5. The solar system.

These levels can be played over and over again.