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Explorers of the Universe


PlayStation 3, Xbox 360





Pikapi (talk · contribs)

Explorers of the Universe takes place in the year 2484, shortly after the hundred year "World War III" was fought, all of North and South America became united and became the USNA or "United States of the New America", southern China was in ruins due to a nuclear bomb, and all countries pledged never to have another battle again and strangest, earth was visited by and joined by the Kosettians (the Greys) to improve our technology. With perfect cooperation in the world and with help from extraterrestrials, a new international space program was formed, NWSP, "The New World Space Program". The NWSP had just finished the first space shuttle with the ability to explore the galaxy when a new race the Nilleons, had claimed that they had planted the ingredients on earth to create us and had been watching us evolve. Threatening that we hand over the highly advanced shuttle or earth's destruction. Kamit, the Kossetian leader explained that the Nilleons had, in-fact, been the first humanoid species in the galaxy and harvest the creations of the species that they had created themselves. Kamit then promised to protect mankind at all costs because humans are said to save the galaxy in an ancient prophesy; and so the Humans and Kossetians had created galactic battleships to save the galaxy and stop the evil Nilleons.

Explorers of the Universe is a Starfox style game where you fly the NWSP-One around different planets.


  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Zeta
  • Darcalo
  • Ferek
  • Ferek meteor-belt
  • Hydro
  • Ummbrellin
  • NWSP-Base: Delta
  • Nilleon Warship
  • The Center of the Universe