Earthbound 2


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Earthbound 2, or Mother 4 (in Japan), is the newest game in the that series. It is an RPG. It features all new characters in a new town and even some new PSI moves.


The story begins in the town of Deesye (meant to sound like DSi as in the Nintendo DSi). The new main character is Will, a 13 year-old boy born with a small amount of PSI power that he finds hard to control. One morning he wakes up in a parallel universe where all of his friends and family are evil and have personalities opposite to what they have in the real world and this town is called Geebea.

New CharactersEdit

  • Will (Main protagonist)
  • Mom (Mom)
  • Jordan (Partner)
  • Jordeen
  • Brandon
  • Louie
  • James (Partner)
  • Douglas
  • Jess (Partner)
  • Mom (Mom's opposite)
  • Nadroj (Jordan's opposite)
  • Needroj (Jordeen's opposite)
  • Darklor (Main antagonist)

PSI MovesEdit

  • PK Love
  • PK Starstorm
  • PK Fire
  • PK Thunder
  • PK Freeze
  • PK SuperSpeed
  • PK Ground
  • PK Beam
  • PK Chaos
  • Lifeup
  • Healing
  • Refresh
  • PSI Magnet
  • Shield off
  • PSI Block
  • 4th-D Slip
  • PK Flash
  • Hypnosis
  • Darkness
  • Offense up
  • Defense up
  • Quick up
  • PSI Shield
  • Shield
  • Telepathy