Dog Explorers


Nintendo DS






Plot Edit

This game is very familiar with the Pokemon mystery dungeon series but instead of Pokemon, it's dogs. You start the game to choose a dog breed. Be careful because it's only one file. You choose name and gender too. You will also make your partner. When you're ready you will see a little movie. You're at home and your owner yells at you because a neighborhood cat hit a vase. You run away that night and then you find a fairy who tells you about a world of dogs and how something is wrong there. You go to the world of dogs and there your new adventure begins. You will meet your partner and together you make a kind of explorer team. Together you will travel through dungeons, forests and mountains to save dogs who are in need. You will meet your enemys, cats, in the dungeons. On the way through the game you will know more and more about the problem which is a black cat with a scar on it's left eye called Alpha are trying to take over the world.


It's for DS so...

A: Single tackle

B: Back button

X: Open map over floor

Y: Open menu

In menu: Bag, special attacks, controls, give up, quicksave.


I don't know all the dungeons but when you first meet you have to help your partner to find it's 50 Bones. (Bones is the money in the world) And you will go to a forest called Pawly woods. xD And on the final floor, 3, you have to fight against a yellow cat.