In the farmhouse, Daisy is lying in a basket by the fireplace. Surrounding her is a litter of puppies; four which are cream-coloured, like their mother, and one which looks very similar to Jake. The proud father, Jake, is sitting beside the basket. One of the puppies nearly topples out, but he catches it in time and nudges it back into the basket.

A few weeks later, the puppies are outside running around the farm. A man is hiding behind the barn; a breeder intent on creating a whole new breed of dog. He thinks to himself that his pointer-foxhound crosses would be perfect for breeding with the ones he sees playing. He and his mate wait patiently, then hold out some meat on a fishing rod. The pupies and Jake, who is guarding them, immediately run towards it. Jake gets there first, but suddenly he is caught round the neck with a noose and pinned to the ground. The man holding him lifts him up and throws him info a rubbish bin, whilst the other grabs the puppies and puts them into a sack. The two drive off with the puppies, just as Jake pops his head out of the bin in time to see his puppies being taken away.