Dog's Life 2
Dogs Life 2 cover


PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3


3+, T



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Dog's Life 2 is a sequel to the PS2 game Dog's Life. Jake and Daisy are back home in Clarksville, and they have some puppies. However, the player still plays as Jake.

A breeder is trying to develop a new breed of dog, however, as their dogs are classed as mongrels (they breed Foxhounds and Pointers, like Daisy and Jake), they aren't sold for much. Therefore, he cannot buy another foxhound and pointer to breed from to get puppies to breed with the ones he already has, so he steals Jake and Daisy's puppies to use. If he suceeds, he will become famous and very rich.

An therefore, Jake goes out to rescue his kids.


Controls are the same as in Dog's Life. up down left right


The areas are the same as in Dog's Life as well, however the train that is next to some buffers in the first game can take you to a new location called Thenton, which is a town by the seaside. There has also been an avalanche at the Mountain Slide, and so you cannot go to that area, but the door is open inside the hotel and so you can go and sniff around the rooms. Since Miss Peaches was quite frankly killed in the first game, the Dog Pound has been shut down, so the Dog Pound and Finale levels aren't accessible. The man who stole the puppies lives in a big mansion in Thenton, so this is the last level.

  1. Farmhouse
  2. Watermill
  3. Big Field
  4. Chicken Farm
  5. Village Houses
  6. Centre
Lake Minniwahwah
  1. Café
  2. Ski Slope
  3. High Street
  4. Mountain Tops
  5. Hotel
  6. Lobby
Boom City
  1. Station
  2. Park
  3. Centre
  1. Theme Park
  2. Beach
  3. Mall
  4. Mansion