Daredevil Dude








Daredevil Dude is a sandbox game for Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 and Wii. It is about a man who gets hurt for money! No levels, just roam around getting destroyed! Ways to get hurt are:

  • Getting run over
  • Jumping from great heights
  • Car/Bike accidents
  • Ticking off people and getting beaten to a pulp
  • Going at high speeds in a vehicle and crashing into objects.

Every time you earn $1000 you get able to use another method of pain! Eventually, after earning $100,000,000 you are able to use planes! The last thing you can unlock is rocket, which will send you into the upper atmosphere, where the rocket explodes. The highest you can go is 3426,000,000,000 feet into the air, just before space. A fall from there would earn you $100,00,00! Every thing can be interacted with, from other people to park benches! A certain point in the game comes were you get killed by something. An x-ray of your body is shown, and your death certificate. Then you can be brought back and have a new look if you want.