right|thumb|300px|Part 1 At the beginning of the game is a cut-scene with you and Victor, and you are running after your ball. It falls off the edge of the small cliff around Dolphin Coast, however you use the Magic Hat to get it back again.

Then it starts raining. Quickly you pull out the Magic Hat again and turn the rain into sunshine once more.

Suddenly a snake jumps into the air and hisses (as to attack you). You run away, but as the snake is still cranky, you use the Magic Hat to calm it down. But then the Magic Hat starts making wierd noises, and it starts to loose it's colour. Victor realises that there is something wrong with the Magic Hat, and says they should go and see Theophilus.

On the way out of Dolphin Coast, you and Victor are stopped by Augusta, who realises that the two of you are hiding something, and has heard you saying something about the Magic Hat loosing it's power.