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Plot Edit

One Day,Chazz Princeton And Shikamaru Nara Are Rockin' At The Princeton Mantion When All Of A Sudden A Wierd Yellow DJ Appears And Says That He Needs 5 Rhythm Geniuses To Restore The Center Of Music And Destroy The A.M.C (Anti Music Corperation).

Characters Edit

They are:

  • Duncan: Total Drama Island,
  • Chazz P: Yu-Gi-Oh-GX,
  • Shikamaru: Naruto,
  • Jonsey: 6teen,
  • Zuko: Avatar: The Last Airbender

Special: DJ Yellow Rhythm Heaven

Levels Edit

There are 12 Levels

  • After a Song is unlocked any character can perform the song
  • 1. The Acadamy Chazz Needs To Find 3 Key Cards Across The School Grounds.


2.Song Unlocked: Dance,Dance by Fall Out Boy
Cartoon Worlds Chazz Rocks

Chazz Performing Dance,Dance

  • 3.The Island Duncan needs To Find 5 Key Cards Across The Island Wawanakwa.


4.Song unlocked:Right Round by Flow Rida

  • 5.The Mall Jonsey needs to find 7 key cards in the mall.


6.Song Unlocked:6teen Theme Song

  • 7.The Village Zuko Must Find 10 Key Cards in his village


8.Song Unlocked:Get Up by BabyVOX

  • 9.The Forest Shikamaru Must Find 15 Key Cards In The Hidden Leaf Forest.


10.Song Unlocked:Fake by Toshiro Masuda

  • 11 The Rhythm Heaven DJ Yellow Must Find 20 Key Cards In The Various Rhythm Heaven Mini Games

Genre:Video Games

12.Song Unlocked Thats Paradise by TSUNKU

Videos Edit

thumb|300px|left|This is From Cartoon Worlds thumb|300px|left|The Song Unlocked At Level 12 thumb|300px|left|Song Selection Screen In Quickplay.Also 2nd Edition Of That's Paradise