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Ominiq (talk · contribs)

Arcadetown is a game where you must do jobs for money! You can do almost every job, but you must have the required education to do so. Arcadetown has a lot of minigames because of the coin games in the "greatest" arcade system in the city. You meet certain people who will give you a few jobs to start with, if you have enough wisdom to do so.


You woke up in a standard morning in your apartment, and without any money, because you spent everything for the apartment. You think you should get a job, and dress up. As you step to the street, you notice that this isn't the town you live. You really lived in Chicago, and now you're in Arcadetown. You think that you should get some money and experience of jobs before you can get back to your hometown.


Your status will be viewed on the right side of the screen. On that, you'll see:

  • Clock: This says what time it is. Some shops open only at a certain time.
  • Money: You'll always need some money! You'll get money for doing a passable job. The better the job, the more money you'll make!
  • HP: Health points. If they come to zero, you'll die. Use some medicine or food items or go to the hospital to get healed.
  • PP: Power points. The more you work, the more these'll decrease! Eat some food or go to sleep to increase power. If these'll come to zero, you'll fall asleep, and you can lose your job because of that. But be warned, because these'll decrease even over time.
  • WP: Wisdom points. The more you learn, the more these'll increase! You need enough wisdom points to get the job you like.
  • Strength: If you do certain jobs, your strength will increase, and you may get to use some abilities.
  • Skill: If you do certain jobs, your skill will increase, and you may get to use some abilities.
  • Stealth: If you do certain jobs, your stealth will increase, and you may get to use some abilities.
  • Exp: When you do jobs, you'll get some experience, and with enough experience, you can bypass a level from that job.
  • Goodness: Goodness depends on what jobs you do. You'll increase your goodness with good deeds, and decrease it with your bad deeds. Some good and bad deeds come within the abilities what you will get from strength, skill and stealth.


  • Assassin: Goodness has to be -3 or less, sniper education needed, a handgun or a better weapon is needed.
  • Robber: Goodness has to be -1 or less, robbing education needed, the lockpicking and stealing abilities are needed.
  • Police: Goodness has to be 5, police education and university education needed.

There are more jobs out there, but you'll have to find them out first.