Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PSP.







Acid is a first person shooter game. A crew of wanted men and woman discover a new planet the government didn't want anyone to find out about. They were the first. The crew was called, The Outcasts. The crew consists of 12 people. Max, the main protaganist, Matt, an old man who started The Outcasts, Angelina, a woman who can kill you with her hands, Rob, a cyborg who can take the toughest of challenges, Flynn, a close friend of Max and who went to jail with Max and the same school, Dr. Ripple, a man of no combat and uses his knowledge to help The Outcasts. The other six are unamed, but die very quicky. After they get into space with their newly built ship. The ship makes it to its destination. Matt names the planet, Truth. The ship malfunctions and crashes on Truth. Four people didn't survive the crash. The surviving 8 humans come unarmed, but are attacked by strange frog like creatures. They are saved by an alien who knows english because he has studied all life forms in the universe. The Outcasts takes the dead frog creatures' weapons. The alien who saved them name is Crint. After he tells them about the dangerous plot of their emperor to launch a beam in space that shoots acid all over planets. Target Number 1: Earth. First they have to contact Earth by using a radio signal from a super tower. After getting out of the hut, they are quickly attacked by more of the creatures. All men are injured and unable to fight is Rob, Max, Crint, and Dr. Ripple. Max and Crint leave Rob to protect Dr. Ripple and the injured crew. It is up to Crint and Max to get to the radio tower, call for help, and stop the super acid beam from destroying Earth, along with Truth's emperor. Max will soon find out that saving Earth is no easy matter...


No Controls Yet. The Controls will most likely have rolling, crouching, punching, shooting, and grenade throwing.


  1. Level 1: Crash
  2. Level 2: The Plot
  3. Level 3: Hurry
  4. Level 4: Are You Crazy?!
  5. Level 5: Sacrifice