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A hamster adventure
A hamster adventure Wii


Wii, PlayStation 2





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Plot Edit

You're a hamster. You can choose breed, gender and name for your hamster. One day, you and your parents are visiting Hamville (The name of the town) Museum. The museum has got a mysterious crystal called The crystal of the sky. It's blue and very powerful. With that you can control time. All of sudden a female black panter named Nighteye breaks in and makes a robbery and takes The crystal of the sky! The hamster has always be ganged up on in it's class and thinks it's time to show it's brave side. When Nighteye leaves, the hamster asks it's parents if it can go and try to take the crystal back. But of course the parents answered no. It's to dangerous for a hamster to fight against a panther. That night the hamster couldn't sleep and writing a note and leaves the house to get the crystal back. That's how the hamsters adventure begins. It will travel through far away towns, mountains, caves and much more. You can also buy accesories for your hamster with Sun seeds. You can get Sun seeds when you help someone on the way or just selling unuseable items. On they way through this game you'll have to help to build up broken houses that Nighteye did.

You must also sniff up useable things that you need to deliver to hamsters that will build up things like bridges, break through down felled trees and much more.


It's the same controls as in THE DOG Island.


There's no levels in this game however it's missions. But the first time you will stear your hamster is on the night when you leaves. You must go to a place called Seedfields. When you enter there you will see a big field with dangerous animals (For hamsters) like horses, cows, pigs. (It comes snakes and more in other places) You will also see a hamster that warns you.

This is a example:


Whoa. Look at those animals. Dangerous, eh? Yeah. Look at the markings over it's head. When it's blue face they don't see you. That means it's time for you to Squeak. Just press + button on your Wii remote" So there's no Petasi or Beat. At the end of Seedfields you will se a hamster in the entrance of the town: Mountainville. But there's a down felled tree in the way. He asks you to take back his axe handle from a horse on Seedfields by Squeaking on it. When you have come to Mountainville you will see a couple of hamsters running around. They will tell you that the time has stopped in Hamville.